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New Ways To Misbehave Coming To Firefly The Game In 2017


Gale Force Nine put together a message this week on Facebook saying that in 2017 we’re going to find more ways to explore the ‘Verse and misbehave in Firefly The Game.

Steal Big Money & Explore New Criminal Ways In Firefly The Game


Gale Force Nine are exploring new ways to travel in the ‘Verse for Firefly: The Game. The focus to begin with falls on the expansion for the game, Crime & Punishment…

Resin Firefly & Reaver Class Ships Arrive From Gale Force Nine


Gale Force Nine have now offered up two new resin ships for their Firefly Board Game. Now you can pick up the Firefly Class Ship and the Reaver Ship to customise as you see fit.

A New Rim Space Expansion Coming To Firefly The Game From Gale Force Nine


Gale Force Nine have another expansion coming your way for Firefly The Game. This expansive board game where you wander the Verse will be heading towards Rim Space with Kalidasa…

Two New Ships Hit The ‘Verse For Gale Force Nine’s Firefly Board Game


See how two new ships for the Firefly board game by Gale Force Nine match up to the existing crop out there. Which would you take?

Gale Force Nine Introduce Pirates & Hunters To Firefly


It’s time to be hunter or hunted with the new expansion for Firefly: The Game coming soon from the folks at Gale Force Nine.

Do More Flying In The ‘Verse With Firefly: Breakin’ Atmo


Do more business in the ‘Verse with the new expansion pack for Firefly: The Game. What mischief will you be able to achieve?

Gale Force Run Firefly Lucky Dinosaur Promo Competition


Will you be lucky enough to get your hands on some sudden but inevitable betrayal with the Lucky Dinosaur Promo Card from Gale Force Nine.

“I Am A Leaf On The Wind!” – Firefly Board Game Demo!


The guys are breaking out the Firefly Board
Game and heading off into the big black.
This is going to be a demo game full of
adventure where working legitimate
jobs and smuggling cargo goes hand
in hand! Aim to misbehave!

What’s in the Box: Firefly, Prime Axiom & Anarchy Basing Bits!


In this episode we finally get our hands on Firefly! Probably the most highly anticipated game of
the year.

But there’s more, we also get
up close with the Convergence
of Cyriss Prime Axiom
& we’re giving it away!!

Finally we take a look at cool
basing bits with their creator
in the studio!

Gen Con – GF9 Firefly Interview


Time for the one we’ve all been waiting to see our man
Wildchevy, has tracked down the GF9
booth to have a look at the new fire
fly board game and oh… man it looks
soo cool!!!

Learn The Rules Of The ‘Verse For Firefly: The Game


Delve into the rules of the ‘Verse from Gale Force Nine’s Firefly: The Game. What will you make of this adaptation?

Learn How To Pilot Serenity In Firefly: The Game


Firefly: The Game is getting closer and closer and Gale Force Nine have released some more information about the game, how ships work, and how you’ll be flying!

Details Of Gale Force Nine’s Firefly Game Emerge


Check out some more details on the new Firefly board game from Gale Force Nine as well as a release date!