Do More Flying In The ‘Verse With Firefly: Breakin’ Atmo

November 13, 2013 by brennon

Firefly: The Game has been doing very well and it's been enjoyed by Browncoats and regular board games fans alike. Now you can look towards to more flights of fancy with Breakin' Atmo, an expansion for the base game.

Breakin' Atmo

This expansion will bring new jobs, new gear and new crew to the 'Verse and get you enjoying the game with a whole load of options. The stories of Firefly are ever changing so it's good to have some new options at hand!

Cortex Uplink

Gentlemen's Dueling Sword

The Best In The House

Vehicle Mounted BFG

Above you can see a few of the additional cards that will be making an appearance. I do love their little nods to episodes from the show and I think the Gentlemen's Dueling Sword has bought back some of the amazing memories of watching that particular moment with Mal!

How have you been liking the game and will you be picking up this expansion?

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