Gale Force Run Firefly Lucky Dinosaur Promo Competition

October 24, 2013 by brennon

If you're a big fan of Gale Force Nine's Firefly: The Game then you might want to check out the competition they are currently winning to get your hands on Wash's Lucky Dinosaur as a promotional card!

Wash's Lucky Dinosaur

Firefly - The Game

All you have to do to get a hold of the shiny card is...

"Post a picture showing off what you are using as a custom dinosaur token for Firefly: The Game and receive a "Wash's Lucky Dinosaurs" promo card absolutely free! Shiny! Be creative! Document a sudden but inevitable betrayal, or show us your crew playing Firefly: The Game with your lucky dinosaur. Just make sure you read the guidelines below, and share your lucky dinosaur with the world!"

You can use both Twitter and Facebook to add your picture to the pile and good luck on getting a hold of that card. It certainly does document a key moment in this amazing show.

So when are we going to get Firefly Season two (I jest, I jest...)?

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