FireForge Bringing Plastic Northern Infantry Kit To Kickstarter

March 20, 2018 by brennon

FireForge Games are working towards a Kickstarter this Summer which will allow them to create a range of Northern Infantry for their Forgotten World range.

FireForge Games - Northern Infantry Kickstarter

The initial renders are looking good and show off warriors clad in padded armour with spears at the ready. The sets will be multi-part plastic and as you'll see in this painted miniature preview you also get swords as a weapon option.

FireForge Games - Northern Infantry Scale

On Facebook, they have talked more about their plans for the range and it looks like the Northern folk here are going to be going up against Plagued Humans, although I'm sure the name will change closer to their release. While they are working towards some kind of two-player set for the game they also seem to have ideas to expand this to six big plastic boxes in the future too.

For those asking why they are going to Kickstarter; they have answered this question too. For the bulk of product they are planning, the traditional method would cost them a lot whereas through Kickstarter there is much more security for them going forward.

It would be remiss of me not to mention that these do indeed look a lot like Stark Infantry from the Game Of Thrones TV series. Make of that what you will, but the overwhelming response on Facebook has been very positive to this range.

What do you think?

"...they also seem to have ideas to expand this to six big plastic boxes in the future too"

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