New Byzantines & Mongolian Royal Guard On The Way From FireForge

January 3, 2018 by brennon

FireForge Games have their sights set on some cool projects this year but they will also be adding to their existing ranges too. To begin with, we got a look at some more Byzantines with the Armoured Archers...

Byzantine Archer

...who look like they might be good at holding the walls of whatever fortress or castle you're currently defending. They also showed off some render work for some lightly armoured archers too as well as fellows with spears/javelins.

Lightly Armoured Byzantines

Mixing these fellows in with the armoured troops will help add a bit more of a splash of colour to proceedings and give you an excuse to change up your force to make it appear more realistic compared to regimented.

Mongolian Royal Guard

The Mongolian Horde has not been forgotten either as they also showed off this early WiP (Work-In-Progress) model for the Mongolian Royal Guard.

Mongolian Iron Guard

Wearing some heavy armour, which is also incredibly nicely decorated, you'll have the pride of the Mongolian invasion force protecting your leader as you charge into battle.

You should also watch out for more of their Fantasy Knights in 2018 as well as a focus towards models designed for role-playing games which is cool.

What do you think?

"...change up your force to make it appear more realistic compared to regimented"

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