Fight For The Steppes With FireForge’s New Plastics

November 18, 2013 by brennon

FireForge are looking to mass infantry for the Golden Horde and their Steppe Infantry is well on the way to your tabletop. See what you think of these preview images below.

Steppe Infantry Artwork

First up we have the artwork from Peter Dennis that will grace the front of the box. As you can see it's showing off some rather brutal and bloody Mongolian warriors ransacking a town.

Steppe Infantry Frame #1

Steppe Infantry Frame #2

Steppe Infantry Frame #3

Next we'll have a look at the actual sprues you will be getting from FireForge and these have been shown off in great depth over on their Facebook Page. It looks like you get a lot of options for swords, shields, bows and spears.

Infantry Preview #1

Infantry Preview #2

And to crown things off we have some of the models put together to show just how awesome they look. I think the FireForge plastic range as a whole is very good and they seem to do mighty armies very well. I think the models here are very cool looking and the poses look natural, and being plastic you can customise them however you like essentially.

The interesting thing about this set, for me at least, are those big tower shields they have. It's not something I would have thought the Mongolians would have used but maybe one of you can enlighten me as to their use. I know they would work well with a spear as a defensive shield though!

What do you think?

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