New Scandinavian Infantry Coming Soon From FireForge Games

January 26, 2017 by brennon

FireForge Games posted up some previews of both the models and artwork that will be coming your way for the Scandinavian Infantry set. As a new plastic set, you'll have a neat group of Medieval bearded warriors!

Scandinavian Infantry

This artwork popped up and got my attention. Surly looking bearded warriors from the North always get a thumbs up from me and I think the look of these is great. Playing Medieval II: Total War I did like the look of the chainmail and lighter armour that the Scandinavians wore.

Scandinavian Infantry (Models)

A few of the weapon options also showed up as they previewed the models. Here you can see them with large dane-axes, a mace and even a huge glaive-style weapon for hacking someone down off their horse.

April 2017 marks the time when they hit the shelves and additionally you can keep an eye out for Arabs and Byzantines too.

What do you think of these Northmen?

"April 2017 marks the time when they hit the shelves..."

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