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Panic! Munchkin Style With Steve Jackson & Fireside Games


Steve Jackson Games and Fireside Games have teamed up to bring together the perfect fantasy adventure game. Munchkin Panic combines all your favorite bargaining and backstabbing elements of Munchin at the frantic pace of Castle Panic.

Control The Wildfires In Hotshots By Fireside Games


Wildfires are raging out of control and only the wildfire fighters can tame the beast! This May, players will be be able to try their luck and skill with the wildfires in Hotshots, as they roll the dice to try to save the day.

Let’s Play: Star Trek Panic!


We settle down…and then get really frantic as we play a game of Star Trek Panic by Fireside Games and USAopoly.

Boldly Go Where No Board Game Has Gone Before In Star Trek: Panic


Set course for Star Date 05-2016. Engage. USAoloply has announced the upcoming release of Start Trek Panic. This cooperative, light strategy game will hit the shelves in May and allow gamers to boldly go where no board gamers have gone before in the Star Trek universe with new Panic mechanics.

New Expansion Coming in 2015 For Castle Panic- The Dark Titan


Fireside Games announced a new expansion for Castle Panic, The Dark Titan, will be hitting the scene in 2015. New monsters bring new challenges, with the biggest being Agranok!