Aquan Prime’s Battle Tank Makes Planetfall at Spartan Games

June 25, 2014 by dracs

Spartan Games are currently hard at working bringing the mighty space battles of Firestorm Armada down to earth in Planetfall and have just revealed the Main Battle Tank fielded by the forces of Aquan Prime.

Aquan Prime Main Battle Tank

As with their space craft, the Aquan Prime's land vehicles are bio-mechanical constructs that focus upon speed. Spartan have done a good job in transferring their style from space craft to land based vehicle, keeping the Aqua Prime's recognisably sleek design in this tank.

Spartan Games have stated that the Aquan Prime's heavy tank will soon be appearing to support these Main Battle Tanks, which they are describing as something of a "bruiser".

Do you side with Aqua Prime?

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