Prepare for Epic Sci-fi War as Spartan Games Launch Planetfall!

September 10, 2014 by dracs

It's here, Spartan Games' long awaited game Planetfall, a 10mm scifi game based around armoured and infantry combat in the universe of Firestorm Armada, is up for pre-order!

Planetfall Rule Book

Spartan have a good range of products lined up for the game's initial launch, the most exciting of which has to be the two player box set the Battle for Proteus Prime.

Battle for Proteus Prime

Two player sets like these are the perfect way to get started in a new game, and this box provides you with Core Helix forces for the Aquan and Directorate, meaning you have an excellent start to build your force around.

Aquan Prime Sirsir

Directorate Desolator

You can then expand upon these two forces with either of the two Allied Recon Helix forces that will also be seeing release at the game's launch.

Works Raptor Directorate Allied Recon Helix

Terquai Aquan Allied Recon Helix

According to Spartan, Planetfall allows players to field two Allied Helix sets for each Core Helix in a force. I think this a great mechanic, as it adds new options and flexibility to your army, and means you're not necessarily tied down to a single play style.

Along with these awesome sets and miniatures, Spartan Games will also be releasing some Planetfall terrain to help liven up your planet side battles.

Planetfall Terrain Set

Planetfall is launching with everything you need to get started in what promises to be a very interesting tactical game. The miniatures will all see release come October, but are currently up for pre-order from Spartan's webstore.

Personally, I am rather excited about this. All the models for Planetfall keep with the familiar designs we recognise from Firestorm Armada, but still manage to be new and interesting, while the game itself should be a cool addition to Spartan's already impressive library.

Do you play Firestorm Armada? What do you think of Planetfall? Which faction are you waiting for in particular?

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