Spartan Games Showcase More Planetfall For 2015

November 5, 2014 by brennon

Spartan Games have been exciting people with the coming of Firestorm Planetfall over the past few months and a whole bunch of renders have popped up showing off some of the 2015 crop...

Aquan Prime Tank Destroyer

Cronos Leviathan

Dindrenzi Battle Robot

Directorate Wraith

As much as I like a whole bunch of the full on vehicles for this game the really awesome looking pieces are the Robots and Mechs for the game. For example that Iapetus Battle Robot above is looking insanely awesome. It's a little bit like an Elite from the Halo franchise turned into a big mech and armed with two powerful energy swords.

Hyperion Leviathan

Sorylian Heavy Walker

Sorylian Tank Hunter

Terran Alliance Heavy

The Hyperion is just as awesome and exciting, the top image of this set, as is an example of the cool modern military style kit that the Terrans are bringing to the tabletop. I really like the Terran Alliance tanks since they look a little bit like the ones you'd see in games like Command & Conquer.

What do you think?

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