Spartan Games Get Out and Walk in Planetfall

September 5, 2014 by dracs

Spartan Games preparing to make Planetfall and have just put out a couple of new previews we can expect to see hitting the planets' surfaces in the near future.

First we got our first look at some of the infantry for the Aquans, Directorate and the Sorylians.

Aquan Infantry

Directorate Infantry

Sorylian Infantry

These infantry show off some particularly cool designs, especially considering the minis themselves will be about 10mm scale. Spartan say that the infantry bases will only feature between two to four miniatures each and will be scenic bases, meaning we can expect some pretty cool looking armies are going to appear on the table.

Of course, you don't always have to walk and the Directorate forces will have the chance to field this cool Armoured APC.

Directorate Armoured APC

This vehicle keeps to the style of the Directorate we have already seen, and while I would say it looks a bit bulky to be practical, it is still and excellent and well detailed design.

Which faction will choose when you play Planetfall?

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