Real Explosions, Real Puppets! Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm!

October 2, 2014 by brennon

Jamie Anderson, relative of the great Gerry Anderson is on a mission to bring the awesome action and explosions of Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Stingray and more back to the screen with his new Kickstarter project for a show called Firestorm!


Firestorm was original an idea from Gerry Anderson back just before the turn of the century but got picked up by a Japanese studio and made into an animation. This campaign now wants to go back to the original idea and bring with it a whole bunch of new technology to show off old skills involving puppets, real explosions (woo!) and all the tropes you'd associate with shows like Thunderbirds.

Anime Vs Puppet

Ship Model

Real Effects

The techniques have been called Ultramarionation and the aim of the project is to make a minisode of the Firestorm show for everyone to enjoy. You can see above in the teaser trailer what kind of awesome effects they're going for! Milestones going forward include...

Our milestone funding levels are to produce:

1) The Minisode - a 5-8 minute minisode introducing some of the characters and storyline

2) The Pilot Episode - A full 22 minute pilot episode setting the scene for the rest of the series.

3) The Feature Pilot - A 45 minute pilot episode where we can get to know the characters, expand on the background and story of the Firestorm universe and show off some incredible effects and fantastic miniatures!

Firestorm Art

Firestorm Ship

More on the world of Firestorm...

"By the end of the 22nd century mankind has pulled itself up by its bootstraps. The wars and political disputes that were so common throughout the 21st century are long behind us, and man has finally taken responsibility for his own actions. The Earth in 2200 is very different from the one we worried about in 2014 - environmental, social and humanitarian crises are a thing of the past, and things have been that way for nearly 50 years. But in 2202 a new threat emerges.

Terrorist activity surfaces on several continents. At first the world governments deal with them quietly, without any real public awareness but the activity becomes better and better co-ordinated and more widespread. Soon the Continental senates decide to take action, and they invest vast amounts of resources into forming Storm Force - an organisation designed specifically to investigate and neutralise this new threat.

Supplied with the most advanced technology available Storm Force begin operation Firestorm to bring down the terrorist group known as Black Orchid. But as the 9th division of Storm Force (SF9) begin to make progress, they discover that Black Orchid is only a very small part of the picture, and that they themselves have had to make an impossible choice..."

It all sounds very cool indeed and being a lover of Captain Scarlet when I was younger (I still am of course!) it's great to see this kind of Sci-Fi show coming back and hopefully it will get the funding it needs via Kickstarter.

Go check it out!

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