Get Up Close & Personal With WWII Russians from First Corps

August 22, 2014 by brennon

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First Corps Miniatures have added some World War II Russians to their selection of tabletop miniatures and these ones are armed with submachine guns for some up close and personal action on the tabletop...

Russian SMG Squad

You get ten of these soldiers in a set with one of them taking the lead as an NCO for the tabletop. These would be a neat alternative to some of the sets out there for Bolt Action for example and would certainly mix things up if you wanted to make a more elite close combat squad on the tabletop.

While submachine guns aren't that great over range they do cause a lot of damage when you get into range, and especially extreme close range. Soon you'll be rolling a bucket of dice and taking out foes on the roll of a 2! The problem is making sure they get to the battlefield intact!

Do you like these Russians?

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