Lead The French In Reclaiming France With First Corp’s Joan Of Arc

March 15, 2015 by brennon

First Corp have decided that it's time to free the French from the control of the English with the God-sent Joan of Arc being a new addition to their webstore. See what you make of the woman warrior here...

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc was quite the interesting person and it's fascinating that she led the French in such a resurgence despite the rather bittersweet ending to her life. Still, she'd be an awesome character to base a campaign off and you could have an English and French army battling it out over her various campaigns trying to change the course of history.

Model wise she's not bad either and while your eye isn't drawn to her especially as a stand out figure sculpt on the table the banner obviously helps in that regard. The banner would also allow you to go a bit crazy with your freehand skills!

Would you follow Joan?

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