Ready For War With 1st Corps Arthurian & Saxon Warriors!

September 18, 2014 by brennon

1st Corps have assembled some more warriors from the Dark Ages of Arthurian legend and myth to fight for both the Britons and the Saxons. See what you think of their selection through a joint venture with Curteys Miniatures...

Chieftain & Standard on Foot

Warlord & Standard on Foot

First up we have the Chieftains and Warlords that will be leading your warriors into battle. I am a big fan of the Chieftain with his proper old school Saxons helmet, I love those things. Some cool looking sculpts even though I reckon those standards would snap at a moments notice!

Warriors with Spears Advancing


Command Advancing #1

Command Advancing #2

Every commander needs some cool looking warriors to walk into battle with them and above you can see some for both the Britons and the Saxons. I am a big fan of the Duguth and the horn blower in the bottom image. I think I might have sided with the Saxons on this one despite how cool the Arthurian Britons are looking.

Do you think you'll be picking any of these up for some games of Dux Bellorum from Osprey Publishing?

Saxons or Britons?

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