More Armoured Might Rolls Out Of Flames Of War

November 30, 2013 by brennon

Flames of War are continuing the push for an armoured offensive this coming weekend with a new selection of tanks for you to take into the Arab/Israeli conflict. See what you think of them.



M42 (Twin 40mm)

Above you have the AMX, M113, and M42 in order looking to lend their support towards whatever cause seems right during the conflict. Additional rules previews for how these work on the battlefield are included on the links above but what I like is that with the M42 you actually have the ability to tweak them, turning the tank into one from Tour of Duty instead. A bit of mix and match.

T-34 Tankovy Company (Front)

T-34 Tankovy Company (Rear)

World War II fans should not despair though as they have catered for you with the T-34 Tankovy Company which will no doubt be supporting the release of Red Bear which you can also get your hands on now!

I have been playing Bolt Action to get my World War II for the moment and the one thing that has put me off Flames of War is that is seems so incredibly vast in scope and rules! I wouldn't know where to start past the Open Fire! boxed set.

What do you think of what's coming?