An Avanti Arsenal Drops This March For Flames Of War

March 14, 2018 by brennon

The Flames Of War team has shown off some of the new Avanti miniatures which will be coming to your tabletop to support the Italians in World War II.

100mm Howitzer Battery - Flames Of War

Going boom, boom, boom first off we have the 100mm Howitzer Battery here which provides you with a good amount of supportive fire on the tabletop. This was a weapon based on designs and engineering from World War I but it was still a deadly piece of kit in the right hands.

With a more modern take on heavy artillery, we also have the 88mm Anti-Tank Battery here.

88mm Anti-Tank Battery - Flames Of War

The larger 90mm Anti-Tank guns were in short supply and so the Italians, much like the Germans took the 88mm guns you see here and turned them into tank hunting guns rather than anti-aircraft pieces. They could still punch a hole in the side of an Allied tank and from a range that the enemy could not easily strike back.

Dinky Guns!

Mounted guns, easy to move in the back of what would be known as Autocannoni have also been added to the range.

Autocannone AA Platoon - Flames Of War

In fast-moving battles, these little trucks could get the guns to where they were needed with haste. You could then answer threats from the air and also turn then to face enemies on the ground as well.

Air Support

Talking of support from the air we also have these for the Italians, the CR.42 Falco Assault Section.

CR.42 Falco Assault Section - Flames Of War

While not quite as sleek and dangerous looking as the Spitfire or the Hurricane these were still useful planes to have in service. It was rugged, hard-wearing and could duck, dive, dodge and duck with the best of them. It was primarily used to assault ground troops, harrying them with strafing machine gun fire.

What do you think of these new additions to the collection?

"In fast-moving battles, these little trucks could get the guns to where they were needed with haste..."

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