Bolster Your Vietnam Ground Forces For Flames Of War

April 25, 2013 by brennon

Tour of Duty is expanding once more with a lot of new releases from Battlefront for their Vietnam campaign. Check out the selection of ground forces you'll be using soon...

Rifle Platoon (Airmobile)

Mortar Platoon (Airmobile)

Machine-gun Platoon (Airmobile)

First up we have the infantry with a Rifleman, Mortar, and Machine Gun Platoon. Each of these squads were air-mobile allowing them to be dropped into the right situation quickly.

105mm Field Artillery Battery

155mm Field Artillery Battery

If you're looking to bring down some enemy positions with a bit more firepower then check out the 105mm and 155mm Artillery Batteries. Sometimes it's safer to bombard the enemy from afar than risk sending in your infantry.

M113 Platoon

This M113 Platoon is yet to be released (coming out this Saturday) but this could be a way of getting your men closer to the action without them getting ambushed and ripped to shreds by Vietnamese forces.

Panzer IV J Plastic Sprue

Last but not least we have a Panzer IV J Platoon which isn't part of the recent crop to do with Tour of Duty but certainly will have some World War II fans excited I bet.

What appeals to you?