Breakthrough Show Off Team Yankee FoW Sculpts

August 10, 2015 by brennon

Breakthrough Assault have been given a preview of some of the new Flames Of War: Team Yankee miniatures coming out soon. Both the Soviets and the US are catered too with these teasers showing off troop transport options for both...


The Soviet vehicles include the BMP-1 and BMP-2 (shown in order below) with an additional image showing off the Soviet Infantry with rifles and an RPG for a bit of explosive ordnance.


Soviet Infantry


If you're interested in finding out more about these vehicles then you can head over to their blog (linked at the top) where they discuss some of the history behind the vehicles. I'm liking the BMP-2 with the 30mm automatic cannon. Big thumbs up from me there!


On the American side of things we have the Rhino...erm, I mean the M113 which clearly was quite the inspiration for the Space Marine vehicle. It comes with a machine gun on the top so is more of a infantry suppressor than anything usefyl against armour in a sticky situation.


US Infantry

The infantry squad above also comes with a few surprise which include a SAW (machine gun) and LAW (rocket launcher).

These are some nifty looking miniatures and it would appear as if they're available in plastic (or maybe resin) if the look of the kits is anything to go by. No 'big head' syndrome which indicates they aren't made using their old metal methods.

Next Monday is choppers!

"I'm liking the BMP-2 with the 30mm automatic cannon. Big thumbs up from me there!"

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