Bulge: German Pre-Orders Now Available For Flames Of War

May 17, 2022 by brennon

Battlefront Miniatures are now taking pre-orders for more Late World War II miniature goodness. Flames Of War pivots back to the Battle Of The Bulge and the Germans fighting on the Western Front during 1944-45.

Bulge German Book - Flames Of War

Bulge: German Book // Flames Of War

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Inside the book, you'll find background on the German Army and the Waffen-SS forces that were present on the Western Front from September 1944 through to February 1945. There will be instructions on building all manner of companies from the period.

Additionally, there will be painting and basing guides for matching your 15mm miniatures to the Bulge and this snowy theatre of war. There is also a Peiper's Charge scenario which features those iconic King Tigers and Fallschirmjager troops pushing forward with Jochen Peiper at the head.

Bulge: German Starter Force

There are, of course, miniatures coming to support this book. We start with the Bulge: German Starter Force which is available to pre-order now.

Heavy Tank-Hunter Kampfgruppe - Flames Of War

Heavy Tank-Hunter Kampfgruppe // Flames Of War

The Heavy Tank-Hunter Kampfgruppe features nineteen vehicles and seven infantry teams that are going to be pushing on through the snowy woodlands of the Bulge. The set comes with three Jagpanthers, two Hornisse, two Ostwind, one Armoured Panzergrenadier Platoon, four Sd Kfz 251 Half-Tracks, three Panzer IV, three Hummel, and two Puma.

These miniatures come alongside the cutdown A5 Rulebook, a "Start Here" Booklet for the Germans, Decal Sheets and Unit Cards. So, everything that you would need in order to get started as the Germans in the Late War in Flames Of War.

More Bulge: German Miniatures

Throughout June and July, the Germans are going to be supported by additional packs of releases as well. Here are some of them...

Hornisse Tank-Hunter Platoon - Flames Of War

Hornisse Tank-Hunter Platoon // Flames Of War

Panther Late Tank Platoon - Flames Of War

Panther (Late) Tank Platoon // Flames Of War

Tiger II Tank Platoon - Flames Of War

Tiger II Tank Platoon // Flames Of War

So, if you've ever wanted to play out the German side of the Bulge then you now have the option to do so. There are some seriously cool tanks to choose from as part of this collection of pre-orders and the Bulge is a very interesting setting for a clash. The environmental conditions add a neat twist to the goings-on on the battlefield.

Are you going to be snapping these Bulge: German miniatures up?

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