Choose The Path For Flames Of War’s Operation: Uranverein!

August 10, 2021 by brennon

Battlefront Miniatures has put together a fun project for their community to get involved in. Operation: Uranverein is now in full swing and allows YOU to have a direct impact on the way their Flames Of War campaign plays out!

Operation Uranverein - Flames Of War

Operation: Uranverein // Flames Of War

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So, what is it? Well, Operation Uranverein is a Choose Your Own Adventure Campaign. This means that battles are played out by the team at Battlefront but what they play is decided by the community. They are going to be streaming live battle reports each week and building up a narrative but the missions they play are going to be submitted and chosen by the community.

Operation Uranverein Alt - Flames Of War

Operation: Uranverein // Flames Of War

How this work's in practice goes like this...

At Battlefront HQ we will be playing out the Narrative Campaign, with a mission played every week on...

Sunday 9:30PM BST - 1:30PM PDT - 4.30PM EDT | Monday 8:30AM NZT

Battlefront Miniatures Twitch Channel

After the first Live Stream Battle Report, we will be handing over the reins of the plot to the community to help us decide where we will go and how the story will evolve.

Following each Live Streamed Battle Report, we will provide some narrative framework and open up the mission submission. Then from your submissions, we will pick two community submitted missions which we will then put to you to decide between via poll. The outcome of the poll will be the mission that we will play out next stream. We will be updating this page with the outcomes and story as it develops, so keep an eye on this page!

Send Your Missions To Battlefront - [email protected]

This all sounds like a very cool idea. I like the fact that the community get to play around with the plot and decide how things might play out via submissions and a bit of voting. It means that even if your mission isn't picked you can still feel like you had a hand in the outcome of Operation: Uranverein.

More details on designing your mission can be found HERE. So, if you're eager to decide the fate of the forces battling it out during World War II then make sure to go and take a peek.

Operation: Uranverein | Battle One

If you want to see how things are going right now then you can catch up on Battle One which was played out over the weekend...

Battle Report One // Flames Of War

This might help inform what you decide to pick for the next mission they dive into. How do you think the next stage of this campaign is going to play out for the Americans and the Germans?

Drop your thoughts below and let us know if you get involved!

"How do you think the next stage of this campaign is going to play out for the Americans and the Germans?"

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