Continue More Flames Of War D-Day Fighting Throughout June

June 6, 2013 by brennon

As you may know today is the day the beach landings of D-Day began and Flames of War will have plenty of ways for you to re-enact the days events with Rural Bases, a P-38 Lightning and D-Day Essentials like a gaming mat, landing craft and more...

Beach Landing Mat

Beach Landing Mat Board

As you can see this Beach Landing mat is pretty great looking and comes in at 4'/120cm x 16"/40cm. If you got your hands on a few sections of this you could put them all together and potentially run an event across every single beach used in the invasion of Europe.

LCA Landing Craft

LCM Landing Craft

LVT-4 Water Buffalo

For a landing you're going to need some craft with which to do it and above you can see the various types that will be available to you. It's crazy to think that they were heading into such incredible danger in these things, open to the elements and little protection against gunfire once the landing ramp went down.

Plastic Rural Bases

P-38 Lightning

For your troops on the ground you can pick up these new Rural Bases which we've previewed before, each with a neat level of added detail to give them an added level of character.

As well as that you can pick up the P-38 Lightning which was integral to the invasion of Normandy. They participated in air-to-ground attacks against targets across the coastline and even deeper too helping to push the allied offensive deeper into France.

Also if you're in the UK you can follow along the events of D-Day by watching the Channel 4 D-Day Seven website. They will be updating it throughout the day with videos and images from each tense moment of the invasion.

I watched the first show last night and it was incredibly interesting.

Will you be picking these up?