The Finnish Make Their Mark On WWII & Flames Of War

September 5, 2013 by brennon

Flames of War have been adding to the armies of various factions over the months and they have a Finnish force coming at the tail end of September. See what you think of their infantry and armour...

Panssari Christie Platoon

First up we have the Panssari Christie Platoon which is a selection of stolen BT-5 tanks that the Soviets used. They then modified the turret to take more powerful guns and turned the tables on the Russians. I actually know what this tank is too, I used it on World of Tanks. Nippy little buggers!

Jääkäri Rifle Platoon

Jääkäri SMG Platoon

Next we have some massed infantry forces for the Finnish in the shape of the Jääkäri Rifle and SMG Platoons. It's all getting very snowy at Flames of War as the autumn rolls in and it shows with these ace looking winter troops.

Machine-gun Platoon

Mortar Platoon

Tank Hunter Platoon

Infantry also needs some support when they come up against a variety of enemies and this is where the Machine-gun, Mortar and Tank Hunter platoons come in. Each of them has a very specific job from pinning down infantry, taking down tanks or just blanketing an area with firepower.

I must admit that of all the armies in World War II the Finns are one of them that I don't really know about in depth. Even the Italians and some of the Anzac forces I know a bit more on but the Finns are an army that have passed me by.

Maybe you guys can enlighten me as to the nature of this army during World War II?

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