Flames Of War Sees Germans & Soviets Clash In New Supplements

July 26, 2018 by brennon

Battlefront is taking the fighting of Flames Of War to The Eastern Front with two new supplements and a new two-player Starter Set called Battle Of Stalingrad.

Battle Of Stalingrad - Flames Of War

The set will come with five plastic tanks for you to start playing out the battles through these urban environments as well as the rules and a quick-start guide to get you stuck into the game. Alongside the release of this, you'll also see two books which expand on the forces from the period and help you bring to life appropriate scenarios too.

Iron Cross - Flames Of War

Enemy At The Gates - Flames Of War

The releases for this new wave will begin in August and run all the way through to November so you have plenty to look forward to if you want to play as Germans or Soviets in your World War II games.

New Front, New Force

As well as the Starter Set you'll also find a good starting point with two new Starter Armies which are themed around this particular frontier. Here we have Nikolay's Steel Wall...

Nikolay's Steel Wall - Flames Of War

...and Dietrich's Ghosts which are all plastic. This means that if you want to expand on the Starter Box for Stalingrad that we mentioned above, or you just want to jump right in, you have some new options to explore.

Dietrich's Ghosts - Flames Of War

As I said; the range will be expanding throughout the rest of the year and it will come alongside a new campaign, organised play events and more. You can see the list of releases HERE and get more information on what you might need to book into your calendar HERE.

Which side will you fight for?

"The releases for this new wave will begin in August and run all the way through to November..."

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