Flames Of War – Villers-Bocage 80th Anniversary Battle [Catch Up Now]

June 12, 2024 by avernos

Join Gerry and John for a re-fight of the World War II clash at Villers-Bocage as part of the 80th Anniversary celebration. Using Flames Of War and two 15mm scale armies, Gerry will be taking on the role of the Germans whilst John is commanding the British. Armour clashes in the tightly packed streets of Villers-Bocage. Who will be the victor?


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If you've not seen our build-up series of videos (above), make sure to see how John and Gerry planned out this game and how the infantry and tanks were painted up quickly for the anniversary. As well as the armies, Gerry had to also come up with a quick and easy solution for the battlefield and we showcase how that came to be as well.

Make sure to follow along with the battle during the livestream and if you miss it live, you'll be able to catch up with the on-demand video right here as well. Do you think that John and Gerry are going to replicate the historical clash blow-for-blow or could things go very differently? We shall have to find out!

Will you be on team John or team Gerry?

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