Flames of War Take Desperate Measure with New Vehicles

January 31, 2014 by dracs

Desperate Measures is a new supplement for Flames of War, allowing players to recreate the tank battles across Eastern Germany in 1945.

Desperate Measures

To aid in this epic conflict at the end of the war, Battlefront Miniatures are bringing out a couple of new vehicles. After all, what is a tank battle without something to blow up tanks?

Soviet Tank Killer Company

This Soviet Tank Killer Company is a new plastic set featuring five SU-100 self-propelled assault guns, ready to take on the Nazi war machine.

Tank Killer

These tank hunters will not be the only vehicle the Germans have to contend with though as the Soviets are also going to be fielding some Heavy Rocket Mortar Batteries.

Heavy Rocket Morter Battery

This set comes with two BM-31-12 Katyusha Rocket Launcher with optional Loading Crew, one Command Rifle team and one Observer Rifle team.

Heavy Rocket Mortar

Command Riflemen

Observer Riflemen

Both the Tank Killer Company and the Heavy Rocket Mortar Battery miniature sets are promising additions to an army, both in game terms and as miniatures. I may not be sold on Flames of War as a game yet, but I am continually impressed by the quality of their 15mm sculpts.

Are any of you Soviet players going to be making that push towards Berlin?