Flames of War Devil’s Charge on the Horizon

June 28, 2012 by brennon

An expansion for Flames of War is on the way from Battlefront Miniatures. Check out the devastation of Devil's Charge...

Flames of War - Devil's Charge

Inside the book is...

The history of the desperate fighting to hold the northern flank during the Battle of the Bulge.

History of the US 2nd, 28th, and 99th Infantry
Divisions, the Norwegian 99th Infantry Battalion
(Separate), the 291st Engineer Combat Battalion,
and the 14th Cavalry Group.

The option to field US Perimeter Outposts, Rifle Companies, Engineer Combat Companies, Cavalry Recon Troops, and Light Tank Companies.
Audie Murphy, movie star and the most decorated
American soldier of the war, ready to lead your
riflemen to victory.

History of SS-Kampfgruppe Peiper and the disguised tanks and commandos of Otto Skorzeny’s 150. Panzerbrigade.

The option to field a German SS-Kampfgruppe Peiper and 150. Panzerbrigade Kampfgruppe.

■ Inspirational colour photos.

Devil's Charge Battle Scene #1

Devil's Charge Battle Scene #2

Devil's Charge Battle Scene #3

So if you're into your World War II wargaming and love Flames of War this could be the expansion for you. Check out more on the preview site right here.

So will this be your next buy for Flames of War?