Flames Of War Heads To The Land Of The Rising Sun

July 13, 2013 by brennon

Flames of War is pushing on into new frontiers and you can't go much further than all the way round the world to the land of the Rising Sun. In this new sourcebook you'll be able to explore the forces of the Russians, Finish and Japanese...

Rising Sun Book Cover

This book focuses on the early war period and the conflicts between Russia and Finland as well as the expansion Eastwards towards the empire of Japan.

Japanese Vs Russians

During this period of the war the Russians had plenty of soldiers at their disposal so they have implemented the Wave Attack rule to simulate this. On top of that they will be showing off the rather brutal tanks that the Red Army had to hand.

But it's not all Russians. You'll also be able to delve into the history behind growing Finish forces and the deadly regiments under the command of the Japanese.

Medium Sensha Platoon

Nikuhaku Teams

Hohei Chutai

Above you can see just some of the boxed sets you can get hold of soon for the Japanese. You have the Sensha Platoon, the Nikuhaku Teams and the Hohei Chutai. As you can see there is quite a lot to be getting on with even now.

Will you be starting a Japanese army come the 20th of July?