Flames Of War Reinforce The Germans Of The Great War

August 13, 2014 by brennon

Flames of War have got another host of releases coming for the tail end of August and they start by reinforcing the Germans for The Great War World War I supplement they launched with Wargames Illustrated.


The first self contained set for the period is the A7V tank. It was difficult to start, the engine would overheat and it was a bulky piece of engineering overall. It required a big team to work it and most of them were stationed on the many machine guns mounted around the beast. It was overall an inferior 'tank' when compared to the Allied efforts and would more often than not get bogged down in the fighting.

Infanteriekompanie HQ

Infanterie Platoon

Infanterie Machine-gun Platoon

Alongside the tank however are the main focus of the German offensive during World War I, having damn good infantry. These sets which include a HQ, Platoon and Machine Gun teams are all there to bolster your ground offensive and with that many machine guns facing off across no-mans land its easy to see why it was so hard for anyone to make any headway during the later period of the war.

Will you be adding to your World War I Germans?