Flying High Over Winding Rivers With Flames Of War

October 17, 2013 by brennon

Flames of War have some new planes on the horizon and they are coming in for a strafing run. As well as that some new Battlefield in a Box terrain is on the cards that will get your troops feet wet.

Fokker CX

I-153 Chaika

First up we have the planes that you see above, the Fokker CX and the I-153 Chaika. Both of these saw action with the first being a Finnish aircraft and the second being put into use by the Russians.

I am quite the fan of the Fokker CX but the Chaika looks a bit squat for my taste. Something about it reminds me of a small toy rather than an awesome miniature wargaming vehicle.

Streams (Front)

Streams (Rear)

Tributaries (Front)

Tributaries (Rear)

As well as the planes you can also head back to your geography class and work out how to make some correct looking rivers with both the Stream and Tributary boxed sets for Battlefield in a Box. I have been using a few of the other sets from this range down at my local club and it's awesome to have some pre-built and battle ready terrain to just get down quickly.

Will you be picking up planes or terrain?