The FoW Hohei Platoons Take To The Field For Japan

July 24, 2013 by brennon

Flames of War is still churning on like a big hulking German tank and you can now check out some additions to their Rising Sun Japanese army below. The Hohei Platoon and Hohei Machine-Gun Platoon are nearly ready to be deployed...

Hohei Platoon

Hohei Machine-Gun Platoon

This mass of troops will be great for deploying en masse in order to take control of key strategic points. The machine-gun crews are great for defending key locations and you can send in the blocks of infantry to flush out your foes.


As well as the Japanese troops you can also soon get your hands on the Villagers for Flames of War. These would be great for adding a little bit of character to your Flames of War board and could be a key part of the story telling aspect in this game.

All of these will be available from July 27th (this Saturday!).