The Germans Bring the Big Guns for Flames of War Open Fire!

September 7, 2012 by brennon

Here's another preview of the upcoming Open Fire! set from Battlefront for Flames of War. This time we're focusing on the Germans with their rather heavy duty firepower. See what you think of their kit below...

German PAK40 Anti-Tank Gun Team

German PAK40 Command SMG Team

V1 Flying Bomb

I think these kits are going to impress just as much as the others in the preview did. Everything's looking good in plastic and should be a joy to paint. They even have this V1 Flying Bomb, the objective that the allies have to destroy!

This starter set should be a perfect launching point for someone who has been interested in Flames of War. It will also be a great booster for those of you who already have an army in the historical realm.

Will you be pre-ordering Open Fire!?