The Great War Hits Back In Force For Flames Of War

October 2, 2015 by brennon

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Battlefront have shown off a whole bunch of new products that are going to be coming to Flames Of War: The Great War. The US, British and the French are the main focus with new Army Deals as well as a range of new tanks and more...

The US Arrive

The US get their Army Deal first, Brett's Brawlers which comes with an array of different infantry squads and even some very early tank designs which give you a bit of heavy armour to work with in game.

Brett's Brawler (Front)

Brett's Brawlers (Rear)

These fellows were of course latecomers to the war but they still had a massive impact on the war effort. With their range of smaller tanks that could navigate the trenches with more ease and at greater speeds they were a dangerous foe.

The British

There are also some additional bigger British tanks coming your way as the Mark V Tanks get stuck in. These are the iconic tanks that you will be very familiar with from the movies and TV shows set back during this period of history.

Mark V

Mark V (Alt)

I love the look of these tanks and will always remember the German one from Indiana Jones. This tank design was also a big inspiration for the look of tanks in Warhammer 40,000 of course too.

The French

Last but not least we have the French and their array of infantry and armour. Their Army Deal that will be coming down the pipeline is Clavery's Chargers...

Clavery's Chargers (Front)

Clavery's Chargers (Rear)

There are a lot more infantry in this set but they do have access to the Schneider CA.1 Tanks which was the first of the big French heavy tanks.

Talking of tanks they also have some additional options for you in terms of armour AND more Schneider CA.1 Tanks if the fancy takes you.

Char Saint Chamond

Renault FT-17

Schneider CA 1

Battlefront are really pushing the boat out when it comes to the armies in this game and going back to it as a battlefront on the tabletop. I had assumed that The Great War was just going to be a one off supplement but it seems like they have committed to bringing more options out for History buffs.

Will you be going with the French or the US?

"...they do have access to the Schneider CA.1 Tanks which was the first of the big French heavy tanks"

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