Guns, Guns & More Guns For Flames Of Wars’ Great War

October 6, 2014 by brennon

Flames of War is going to be graced with a whole bunch of additional Great War units including a mass of different heavy guns for pounding the enemy position and some elite troops that will be burning their way through the trenches. Let's kick things off with that unit, the Stoss Platoon...

Stoss Platoon

The Stoss Platoon is a selection of elite infantry that would have been infiltrating the trenches before attacking a surprised enemy. They have flame throwers for the ultimate destructive attack and are adept at close combat and trench fighting. A deadly enemy to face off against if you can get them close enough.

Regimental Support Platoon

Trench Mortar Platoon

OQF 18 pdr

7.62cm Krupp Infantry Gun

7.7cm FK96 n.A. Gun

As you can see the range of different artillery that you're going to be bringing to the table is now getting vast. In order you have the Regimental Support Platoon, the Trench Mortar Platoon, OQF 18pdr, 7.62cm Krupp Infantry Gun and finally the 7.7cm FK96 n.A. Gun!

All of these actually look very cool and you can almost hear the sound of whistling missiles descending on the enemy position and the rattle of machine gun fire matching it.

Have you been picking up the Great War range?