Head Into Battle With Three New Plastic Sets For Flames Of War

May 1, 2015 by brennon

The Germans, Soviets and Americans are all catered too with some new plastic kits from Battlefront for Flames of War that include Ramsch's Charge, Vasily's Hammer and Grimball's Beasts. All of these sets help bolster your armour in their World War II 15mm game...

German Might

First up we have Ramsch's Charge which includes a Company HQ with two Pazer IV H tanks, a Panzer Platoon with three Panzer IV H tanks, a second Panzer Platoon with three StuG G assault guns, and a Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier Platoon with four SdKfz 251 half-tracks and 48 figures.

Ramsch's Charge (Front)

Ramsch's Charge (Rear)

The set is led by Major Horst Rämsch who brought forward his Panzer IV tanks and StuG G assault guns to clear the way at the town of Clerf in the Ardennes. He took on the mighty of the Sherman and forced them back, destroying many in the process letting his Panzergrenadier move in later to secure the position.

Soviet Resolve

On the side of the Allies we have the first of two sets which this time focuses on the Soviets. Vasily's Hammer contains a Brigade HQ T-34 tank, three Hero Tankovy Companies each with T-34 tanks, and a Hero Medium Asault Gun Company with three SU-100 assault guns.

Vasily's Hammer (Front)

Vasily's Hammer (Rear)

Lieutenant Vasily Bryukhov were chasing down Panther tanks in Romania and his engagements with both the Tiger and Panther during this period of the war led to the T-34 being upgraded further down the line replacing the gun with a 85mm one instead of the existing 76mm one. it then became one of the most important tanks to exist in the War and beyond.

American Engineering

Last but not least we have the American set called Grimball's Beasts. This set includes a Company HQ with two M4A3 (late) Sherman tanks, a Heavy Tank Platoon with three M26 Pershing tanks, a Tank Platoon with three M4A3 (late) Sherman tanks, and an Armored Rifle Platoon with five M3 half-tracks and 48 figures.

Grimball's Beast (Front)

Grimball's Beast (Rear)

First Lieutenant John Grimball commanded the M26 Pershings that seized the bridge at Remagen. He oversaw the repairs to the bridge while his men kept the Germans at bay, then led his force forward into the heart of Germany, crushing all resistance before him. Quite the commander and it shows in his box of deadly modern day warriors.

Which set would you get?

"All of these sets help bolster your armour in their World War II 15mm game..."