Head To ‘Nam With New Miniatures Game By Battlefront

February 8, 2018 by brennon

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Battlefront is going to be moving to the jungles of Vietnam with their new 'Nam Rulebook release. This time around the system used draws on the Team Yankee mechanics to fuel your battles.

'Nam Rulebook

The new book helps bring you into the fighting between the US and their enemies during the period. As mentioned above, it is also powered by the Team Yankee engine so if you're familiar with that system you will have a nice transition to this. It's very easy to learn and supports playing Historical games without too much hassle.

There is a dedicated website for the game HERE where you can dive into more but also make sure to check out Oriskany's article series HERE which has been covering Vietnam and the Tet Offensive.

Supporting Forces

As well as a book, the team at Battlefront have put together a set of plastic boxes to support the launch. We start off with the Black Horse Armoured Cavalry Troop.

'Nam - Black Horse Armoured Cavalry Troop

This is for your US army to bring to the tabletop and comes with M113 Armored Personnel Carriers, M551 Sheridans, and an M48 Patton. It's a heavily armoured assault on your enemies that is focused on wiping them out before they get a chance to react.

If you would prefer playing as the PAVN Forces on the tabletop then you have access to the K-2 Ironclad Battalion instead.

'Nam - K-2 Ironclad Battalion

Inside this set, you get your hands on the T-54 Tanks and ZSU-57-2 so you have some answers to the armour of the Americans as well as something to watch the skies too. You will need to be looking up as the US are also bringing the Air Mobile Air Cavalry into play. It wouldn't be Vietnam without Helicopters...

'Nam - Airmobile Air Cavalry Troop

As well as three different types of helicopters, you will also get a squad of troops that you can drop onto the tabletop. Infantry can get a lot done in games, securing vital objectives and more. Hopefully, we'll see Battlefront repackage and create more options for you going forward on the infantry front for both sides.

Are you going to be giving this a go?

"...make sure to check out Oriskany's article series which has been covering Vietnam and the Tet Offensive"

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