Heavy Explosives Shake The Field For FoW Fate Of A Nation

December 13, 2014 by brennon

Battlefront continues to provide additional troops for the front line with more Flames of War Fate of A Nation troops. See what you think of the Kateybat Moshaa HQ alongside the Anti-tank Team, Mortar Company and Heavy Mortar Company...

Kateybat Moshaa HQ

Moshaa Anti-tank Group

Moshaa Mortar Company

Moshaa Heavy Mortar Company

Essentially if you need anything either blown to smithereens or forced to go to ground under impressive amounts of mortar fire then this is your set of teams worth getting. These sets go well with the way the army fought, taking to the defensive and hunkering down behind walls of barbed wire to protect them while shelling the enemy.

I quite like the desert look I've got to say and it's cool to see something that isn't just mud and green for once. How Fate of a Nation is doing however, I don't particularly know, but if any of you have played it let us know.

Is this a good supplement to the main Flames of War experience?

Drop your thoughts below.