Start The Year Off With New Ghost Panzer Tanks For Flames Of War

January 2, 2019 by brennon

The team at Battlefront Miniatures are keeping up their arms race between the Soviets and the Germans on the Eastern Front in Flames Of War. Some new Ghost Panzer releases are dropping this month to support the relentless assault of the Germans.

Sd Kfz 251 Half-Tracks - Flames Of War

We start off with the release of some Sd Kfz 251 Half-Tracks. These armoured Half-Tracks were invaluable to the Germans during their Blitzkrieg campaigns, their bulletproof shells allowing them to get infantry right into the fighting without too much worry.

They also hosted hefty machine guns on the back which were perfect for when the fighting got heavy and they needed to support advancing infantry.

Next up we have the StuG (Late) Assault Gun Platoon, one of Warren's favourite tanks.

StuG (Late) Assault Gun Platoon - Flames Of War

A lot has been said about the StuG and its capabilities as a powerful assault run. The low hull and heavily armoured sides made it a perfect hunter, able to take on many of the heavy Soviet tanks during the later period of the war.

As well as this well-used tank hunter there's also the Hornisse Tank-hunter Platoon.

Hornisse Tank-hunter Platoon - Flames Of War

It had very heavy armour on the front turret but the rest of it was a little less hefty. However, its massive cannon was able to obliterate any Soviet armour that stood in its way, 8.8cm PaK43 gun serving as a warning to the enemy not to stray too close.

Not all aspects of the German war machine had to be hulking great pieces of armour though as the dinky looking Luchs Scout Troop show.

Luchs Scout Troop - Flames Of War

Featuring a modified hull and upgraded so that it could be as nippy as possible, these small vehicles were able to rush ahead of the German tanks, scouting the way and testing the terrain as much as the enemies firepower.

They didn't sit still long enough to take many hits and they were a successful addition to the armoured behemoth that was the German army.

We also have these Wespe Artillery Battery.

Wespe Artillery Battery - Flames Of War

As with all good artillery, it has to be able to keep the enemy suppressed until the main force can arrive. Thankfully for the Germans, these were able to achieve that and their mobile nature meant that they could continue to suppress the enemy even once you'd rolled over their first position.

The enemy can't do much if they've got their heads down!

What do you make of these January releases for Flames Of War?

"The enemy can't do much if they've got their heads down!"

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