Operation Overlord Pushes Onwards For Flames of War

July 6, 2013 by brennon

The Operation Overlord Campaign is now in full swing with the Allied Invasion of Normandy already pushing hard but meeting hard resistance from the Axis forces. As well as that Flames of War are digging into their archives with Push 'em Back!

Rifle Company

Armoured Platoon

Massive engagements have already begun along the coast and with the Allies trying to force their way inland they are going to need some concentrated firepower like the Rifle Company and Armoured Platoon above. Can't have the Germans forcing you back into your boats can we!

Panzer IV H Platoon

On the other side of the coin the Germans need all the might they can muster to hold back their foe. A Panzer or two should sort that. Through the latest article binge from the Flames of War website you'll find a whole load of awesome links which will help you reenact this next stage of the offensive.

Steady progress is being made but the Allies are going to have to push hard to break the German defences.

Get in there soldier!