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New Plastic Soviet Riflemen Kits Arrive For Battlefront’s Team Yankee


Battlefront has some new releases on the way for you Soviet players out there getting stuck into Team Yankee.

Listen To The Boom, Boom, Boom Of Flames Of War’s New Guns


Flames Of War has been granted some new armoured reinforcement in the form of three new vehicle packs featuring some neat plastic vehicles.

Weekender: Total War Warhammer World Building & Warren Returns!


It’s time to get stuck back into The Weekender after a break for a few weeks and we also have the return of Warren to the fold!

Stripes Pre-Orders Kick Off For Team Yankee


If you’re looking to expand on your Team Yankee experience then Battlefront is on the case with Stripes which expands the US forces that are getting involved in conflicts across the world in this Cold War Gone Hot.

Desert Conflicts, Late-War & ‘Nam Call You To Flames Of War


A new series of releases are coming out throughout the rest of October and into the new year.

Let’s Play: Flames of War 4th Edition – Expanding Your Forces


Today in Flames of War 4th Edition,
we have a special over the seas guest with us.

Weekender: Micro Art Studio’s Cool Kickstarter & We’ve Started Playing Star Wars Destiny!


Help me, Only Lloydi.
You’re my only hope.

Team Yankee: Firestorm Red Thunder Campaign – Last Chance To Get Involved!


Last chance to get stuck in with the Firestorm Campaign!

The American Big Guns Lock & Load For Flames Of War 4th Edition


Battlefront has been showing off some more of the American kit that will be landing to take part in their desert war for Flames Of War 4th Edition.

Team Yankee Firestorm: Red Thunder Campaign Update


Have you been keeping an eye on
the campaign and all the action?

Flames Of War 4th Ed: Playing With Anti-Tank Weaponry


Flames of War 4th Ed: Learning Afrika Korps


Weekender: Learning Farmer’s Guild Tactics & Strange Dungeon Monsters On Kickstarter


We talk with Steamforged about
some tactics for the Farmer’s
Guild & More!

Team Yankee – Firestorm: Red Thunder Online Campaign Now Live!


Team Yankee Online Campaign Incoming – Firestorm: Red Thunder


New online campaign from the folks
at Battlefront Miniatures.

The Americans Enter Flames Of War 4th Edition With The Fighting First


Battlefront Miniatures are bringing a new faction into World War II and the fight for North Africa with The Fighting First. It’s time for the Americans to get stuck in…

The Evacuation Of Dunkirk Part Two: Wargaming At 15mm (Flames Of War)


Let’s Play: Flames Of War 4th Edition – El Alamein Starter Set


The Soviets Get An Update In Team Yankee With Red Thunder


The new Red Thunder supplement for Team Yankee should be making its way to stores right now for those lovers of Team Yankee.

Weekender: Wolsung Boot Camp Announced Set Sail For Blood & Plunder Week!


A Wolsung Boot Camp announced and Six-Day War battles to fight in this week’s show!

Watch The Skies For New Flames Of War 4th Edition Releases


Battlefront has some new pre-orders for you to consider as you continue to build on your desert war collection in Flames Of War.

Weekender: Resurrecting A Lost Space Marine Chapter


Come and join us as we’re back in the studio for
The Weekender!

We have loads to get stuck into
including our thoughts on UK Games Expo.

Armoured Cars & AA Take To The Battlefield For Flames Of War


Battlefront is going to soon be adding to the battlefields of the Desert War in World War II with some new vehicles and options for Flames Of War.

Change Your Battle Tactics With Flames Of War Command Cards


Battlefront has designed some new Command Cards for the British and Germans to use in their games of Flames Of War 4th Edition which add a little bit more spice to your games.

Battlefront Miniatures To Offer New Plastics For Flames Of War


Battlefront Miniatures announces new material for infantry and gun crews in Flames Of War.

Weekender XLBS: Planning Mega SAGA Battles & Tanks Galore


Red Thunder Book & Miniatures Coming To Team Yankee


The folks at Battlefront have brought a new wave of miniatures to the tabletop for Team Yankee. Arriving throughout July you’ll be able to hear the peel of Red Thunder as the Soviets roll out some serious firepower.

Roll Out New Tank Troops & Infantry For Flames Of War 4th Edition


Flames Of War welcomes some new Tank Troops for you to snap up for both the British and the Germans as you battle it out on the sands of Africa.

Weekender: Mantic’s Warpath Renewed & Kicking Off Guild Ball Week!


We’ve got some mega-prizes for you this weekend as we talk Guild Ball and Mantic’s Warpath…

British & German Artillery Begins Its Bombardment In Flames Of War


Both the British and the Germans are now getting the support they need in the Artillery department!

What A Sweet Tank! The Honey Armoured Troop Comes To Flames Of War


Battlefront has another new troop kit available for the latest edition of Flames of War, the Honey Armoured Troop.

Paint Up Your Desert Armies With Flames Of War Paint & Basing Kits


Flames Of War 4th Edition is hotting up (ah, desert puns) and more folks are picking up their armies ready to do battle. With that in mind, Battlefront has their new Flames Of War Paint Kits and a new Basing Kit specifically designed for each of the factions and the landscape you’re fighting for.

Weekender XLBS: Dark Age Terrain Tips & New Flames Of War Edition Impressions


We’ve got some great hobby chat
for you today and a look at some
amazing community projects too.

Weekender: Infinity Secrets To Be Revealed & Massive RuneWars Unboxing


We’re cracking open FFG’s RuneWars
and spilling the beans
on Infinity secrets!

Flames Of War 4th Edition Launch Weekend Blog!

Get stuck into Flames Of War once again with Battlefront as they run you through their Launch Weekend Blog!

Community Spotlight: Dungeon Delvers, Dwarves & Desert Dwelling Armies


We’re getting stuck into another collection of awesome painting projects from our Hobby & Painting Forum. Once again we delve into your hobby to give us the inspiration we need to paint up our armies.

Get An Introduction To El Alamein & Flames Of War With War In The Desert Set


If you’re looking for a jumping off point as you get into El Alamein and Flames Of War 4th Edition then you might want to check out this boxed set from Battlefront, War In The Desert, which gives you a taster of what lies ahead as you begin gaming in World War II.

Flames Of War 4th Edition Boot Camp: Day Three

We’re rounding off the Flames Of War 4th Edition Boot Camp with more battles and we’ll see how the campaign plays out on the tabletop that’s been going on over the last few days.

Flames Of War 4th Edition Boot Camp: Day Two

We’re back for day two of the Flames Of War 4th Edition Boot Camp with more hobby and gaming!

VLOG: Table Layouts, No Weekenders & Prize To Be Won!


Join us for the final snippet of VLOG for this week in the run up to the Boot Camp as we give you a heads up on what’s been going on.

The Sands Of El Alamein: Gearing Up For The FoW Boot Camp [Part Three]


Welcome to the final article in the run up to our Flames Of War Boot Camp! Let’s see how more of the battles played out!

The Sands Of El Alamein: Gearing Up For The FoW Boot Camp [Part Two]


It’s time to compare the armies, look closer at the characters, and get technical as we check out the vehicles that featured during the Desert War.