Grab Your Panther Tanks & Get Ready For German D-Day

September 6, 2019 by brennon

Battlefront Miniatures have begun the release of models for the Germans in Late World War II with a big ol' band of Panther Tanks, ready to start holding the line against the Allied invasion.

Panther Tank Platoon - Flames Of War

Clad in heavy armour and with big guns mounted on top, the Panther Tank was a dangerous foe for the Allies to come up against. They were used by the Germans as a battering ram, smashing through the enemy line towards the objective before being retrieved in order to let others finish the job.

Mounted Guns

As well as the release of the Panther Tank Platoon there's also the Armoured Flamethrower Platoon.

Armoured Flame-thrower Platoon - Flames Of War

Emulating the old blitzkrieg technique that the Germans used during the early portion of the war these mounted flamethrowers would have been good at clearing enemy infantry from their dug-in positions. No-one wants to get burnt. As soon as they were ousted it's time for the Panzergrenadiers to get stuck in.

Lastly for this week, we have the Grille 15cm Gun Platoon.

Grille 15cm Gun Platoon - Flames Of War

Mounted on old tank chassis, the Grille 15mm Gun Platoon was a good mobile gun platform used by the Panzergrenadiers which could easily crack an enemy stronghold. Once you've punched a hole in a building your troops could then pour through as the dust settles.

Are you tempted to pick up some of these new options for your German force?

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"Are you tempted to pick up some of these new options for your German force?"

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