Take A Peek At The Forces Of The Pacific For Flames Of War

April 13, 2016 by brennon

Battlefront are coming towards the end of their Launch Blog for Flames Of War in the Pacific which features the new books Banzai and Gung Ho. But, you can't have a launch without some miniatures and here is a bit of a sneak peek at what's coming for both the US and the Japanese...

Aircraft Above

The Pacific theatre bought in a lot of different methods of fighting the enemy and nearly all of them involved the help of air support. Both the Japanese and the US are getting some aircraft to bring to the tabletop with the F4U Corsair for the Americans...

F4U Corsair

...and the Mitsubishi Zero for the Japanese.

Mitshubishi Zero

Both of these are very iconic aircraft from the period and while I love the idea of some island hopping I also want to see a proper 15mm dog fight over the seas with these planes battling around beleaguered aircraft carriers.

The US Forces

Now let's take a look at some of the other vehicles and infantry choices available for the US.

US Amphibian Tank Platoon

One of the big kits that is coming your way and has some rather swanky looking vehicles in it is the Amphibian Tank Platoon which contains LTVs. These would be able to roll off the landing craft and crash up the beach into the undergrowth to scare off the enemy.

In the same vein as that the US also get the Marine Rocket Launcher Battery. This will be sending massive amounts of explosives blasting into the enemy lines and spooking them from their hiding places.

US Marine Rocket Launcher Battery

The Pacific really was a dangerous place to be fighting! Of course there are also some Infantry on the way with the likes of the US Marine Rifle Platoon (with HQ team)

US Marine Rifle Platoon (with HQ team)

...and the US Company Machine Gun Platoon. These are all looking great already and I like the progress we're seeing with the way infantry are sculpted by Battlefront to make them look all the more realistic.

US Company Machine Gun Platoon

Loads of other Infantry is available for the US and you can check it out on their preview page. Big guns and dogs should peak your interest!

Japanese Forces

The Japanese are not to be outdone with a range of different vehicles also on the way to support their infantry. First up we're taking a look at the Japanese Chi-Ha Platoon

Japanese Chi-Ha Platoon

...and the Japanese Ho-NI Platoon

Japanese Ho-NI Platoon

The Japanese are getting a serious boost to the armoured element of their army with plenty of interesting tanks. They weren't the match for a lot of the other nations tanks at the time but they look rather awesome.

A Japanese Ho-Ro Platoon and the Japanese Type 2 KA-MI Platoon complete the range of vehicles available to the Japanese at the moment.

Japanese Ho-Ro Platoon

Japanese Type 2 KA-MI Platoon

As you can see the KA-MI Platoon are another take on the amphibious vehicle allowing them to head off the boats onto the beaches to give the US soldiers a surprise. They do look rather menacing!

Lastly we also have Infantry for the Japanese but they only have one set so far with the Hohei Weapons Platoon.

Japanese Hohei Weapons Platoon

Remember to go and check out the Launch Blog for more information on both sides from this conflict.

Which side will you be fighting for?

"Both the Japanese and the US are getting some aircraft to bring to the tabletop with the F4U Corsair for the Americans..."

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