Pre-Orders Now Live For Flames Of War’s Operation Bagration

August 21, 2020 by brennon

Battlefront Miniatures has been showing off the pre-orders and releases that are going to be running throughout September and October of this year for Operation Bagration and the Soviet forces of World War II. It all starts with a new Flames Of War Sourcebook.

Bagration Soviet - Flames Of War

Bagration: Soviet Forces Of The Eastern Front // Flames Of War

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The book is, just like with all of the supplements and expansions for Flames Of War, going to give you the best entry point for using Soviet forces during World War II and this particular period of the war. Here is some of the background on Operation Bagration...

"During the calm weeks leading up Operation Bagration, the Soviets had amassed their armies for the greatest offensive yet undertaken on the Eastern Front. Three years after the German invasion, the Red Army stands as battle-hardened troops, ready to finally push the fascist invaders out of Mother Russia! A screaming barrage of shells and rockets signals the beginning of Operation Bagration, and Soviet Rifle Corps charge forward to capture the fortress towns of Vitebsk, Orsha and Mogilov. The Red Army smashes through German Army Group Centre’s front line and then relentlessly advances westward across Byelorussia to threaten Minsk. The Red Army’s goes on the offensive all across the front, from Finland and Estonia in the north to Poland, Ukraine, Romania, and eventually across Hungary to lay siege to the city of Budapest."

It is rather cool that this is a book focusing in on the offensive power of the Soviets and The Red Army as they seek to reclaim parts of their homeland and then, of course, that push into other countries in Eastern Europe too. As well as the sourcebook, you'll also be able to pick up a new Starter Army which gets you suited and booted for Flames Of War.

Soviet Starter Force - Flames Of War

Soviet Starter Force // Flames Of War

As you might imagine, the idea of this force is to try and echo the kind of elements that would have been available during this period of the war. You get lots of hardy troops, plenty of tanks and of course some super supporting guns too. This is the Soviets at their angriest and I can imagine they are going to be quite the tough nut to crack for the Axis.

There are a LOT of additional pre-order bits and bobs for you to check out over on their website HERE but one of the big ones is this T-34 Tank Battalion. Who could say no to twenty-one extra tanks for you to include into your army?

T-34 Tank Battalion - Flames Of War

T-34 Tank Battalion // Flames Of War

If you're interested in the Soviets then it would be cool to hear what you know of this period of history and whether or not these hardy Russians are your army of choice whenever it comes to World War II. There is plenty happening when it comes to Flames Of War over the later part of 2020 so you are not going to be left wanting when it comes to 15mm wargaming goodness.

Are you tempted by Operation Bagration?

"Are you tempted by Operation Bagration?"

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