Prepare The Flames Of War Landing Craft On June 8th

June 1, 2013 by brennon

A week from Flames of War have some awesome additions to the line-up of World War II goodies. Check out the LCVP Boat Section and 29th Infantry Division that will be available from June the 8th...

LCVP Boat Section

29th Infantry Division Assault Company

The LCVP Boat Section provides you with three landing craft, the crew and mounted boat sections for use when storming the beaches at Normandy. Everything the soldiers needed were packed into these cramped spaces but they were welcome barriers between the soldiers within and the German forces on the beaches.

Once you get to the beach you'll be wanting to storm those pillboxes and take down the defences further up the coast. Here is where the 29th Infantry Division comes in. They had rocket launchers, flamethrowers, mortars and everything else you could possibly think of that would be handy once they got ashore. It even comes with General Dutch Cota, a fearless commander.

Will you be grabbing these?