Red Bears & Armoured Transport For Flames Of War

November 23, 2013 by brennon

Last weekend saw some new releases for Flames of War that can be used between your Vietnam games and your Arab/Israeli conflicts. See what you think of these little armour vehicles below.

BTR-50PK (AAR221)

BTR-152 (AAR211)

PT-76 (AAR031)

The BTR-50PK (AAR221), BTR-152 (AAR211), and PT-76 (AAR031) which are listed in the order you see them above have been bought out so you can use them between your games with two different setting systems. I think that's a pretty good shout by them and allows you to mix and match. Admittedly the paint schemes would probably change drastically between the two warzones.

Red Bear Revisited

As well as that they are revisiting Red Bear, a supplement for your World War II wargaming with the original Flames of War. There are a few changes that have been made to the previous book and you can check out each of them by following the link just above.

I do like the idea of some fighting on the Eastern Front and this promises to show off the Allies to their fullest.

What will you be getting?