Remember D-Day On The 6th Of June With Flames Of War

May 27, 2013 by brennon

D-Day was an important turning point in the war and you can remember the Normandy Landings with a fantastic compilation book coming out from the folks behind Flames of War...

D-Day Compilation

As well as this compilation book there are going to be updates for many of the current books including the two you see below, Atlantik Wall and Overlord...

Atlantik Wall Book

Overlord Book

Each of these books has been buffed with Atlantik Wall now at 240 pages and Overlord at 300. That's a lot of historical goodness in these updates to the Allied and Axis force books.

Rural Bases

You'll also be able to get your hands on their new Rural Bases in a neat and interesting way...

"From Thursday 6th June through to Sunday 16th June (that gives you two weekends to find the time to do this) any customer who goes along to their local store and presents their old copies will not only be able to pick up the new pair of books for the combined special price but they will also be given a set of our new “rural” bases absolutely free."

  • All lists updated for the version 3 rules
  • 2 new American Companies
  • 5 new British Companies
  • 4 new German Companies
  • Atlantik Wall now 240 pages
  • Operation Overlord now 300 pags
  • For customers pre-ordering the D-Day compliation they will recieve a free set of the new rural bases.

You'll be able to find out more about this event nearer to the date but for now it's looking great for fans of Flames of War.

Will you be storming the beaches?