The Rising Sun Battles Ramp Up With New Tanks & Men

August 23, 2013 by brennon

Flames of War is still fighting on the Far Eastern front and the battles between the Russians and the Japanese are heating up. Check out this mass of releases on the way below...

BT-7A Self-propelled Gun Platoon

T-28 obr 1933-1938 Heavy Tankovy Platoon

T-35 Heavy Tankovy Platoon

First up we have a mass of tank platoons for the Russian army. I actually know what some of these tanks are too thanks to playing a bit of Tanks of War! Maybe I'll be converted over to Flames of War sooner than I thought?

The BT-7A, T-28 and the T-35 each have their own ups and downs on the battlefield and I suggest checking out the links for an in depth summary of each one.

BA-6 (SU300)

Type 94 TK (JP005)

Next up we have something smaller with the BA-6 and the Type94 TK. The first was one of the Soviet armoured car of choice and they fell into two categories. In this variation they added a rather large caliber gun to the top of it. The Type94 on the other hand was a Japanese answer to the European tankettes.

Type 92 70mm Gun

Type 94 37mm Anti-tank Gun

To deal with all this armour you're going to need some infantry and their big guns too. The Type92 and Type94 both fire the same 37mm rounds and they look pretty ace too. It pays to hide behind something big and metal once in a while too!

Will you be picking some of this up?