Rockets, Airborne & The Guns Of Normandy For Flames Of War

June 15, 2013 by brennon

Flames of War is welcoming more World War II miniatures next weekend to its line-up and below you can see the T27 4.5" Launcher and the Airborne Assault Squad to start things off...

The T27 4.5 Launchers

Airborne Assault Squads

The experimental rocket launchers you can see above were given to the 2nd Infantry Division and while they could drop a fair amount of firepower on the enemy it was never enough to dislodge the foe from secure positions.

However, despite this the fact that ammo for other pieces of artillery was scarce these allowed the Allies to continue supporting the troops.

As well as the launcher you'll see some bike mounted Airborne Assault Squads that adopted the Blitz style attack that the Germans employed so well.

7.5cm PaK50 Gun

Gun Nest

2cm Flakvierling 38 Gun

As well as the infantry and artillery you can also get your hands on The Guns of Normandy which range from anti-aircraft to anti-infantry and tank guns too. All these can be placed inside the Gun Emplacement base and allow you to re-create the guns atop the cliffs around the beaches of Normandy.

There is plenty more to come for Flames of War both by Battlefront and us here at Beasts of War so keep an eye peeled for the content!

Will you grab any of this kit?