Roll Up In Tanks With Anti-Armour In Tour Of Duty

April 5, 2013 by brennon

Flames of War is looking at a selection of new releases for next weekend. On the 13th of April you'll be able to get hold of the M41A3 Walker Bulldog's and the Weapon & Anti-Tank teams for the ARVN.

M41A3 Walker Bulldog

M41A3 Walker Bulldog

M41A3 Walker Bulldog

Weapons & Anti-tank Platoons

Both of these sets will be great for bolstering the forces of the ARVN with some mighty tanks that will most likely bulldoze the opposition. The weapon teams too bring some modern flare to the Vietnamese forces with mortars and more to bring to bear.

If these look like the right vehicles and troops to you then I'd reckon it's a good shout to pick these up, especially those epic looking tanks.

Have you been playing Tour of Duty?